Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ommegang Iron Throne

Brewery Ommegang Iron Throne Blonde Ale
Cooperstown, New York

Capitalism at its finest! HBO teamed up with New York's Brewery Ommegang to produce four special, limited addition beers -- one for each of the four houses portrayed in "Game of Thrones" series. This blonde ale is for the House Lannister (teeheehee, since the Lannisters are, you know, blonde). The reception of this beer has been intense. I got nearly 15 calls at the shop today (the day of the season 3 premier) of people trying to hunt up this last minute.

Review:  So, on to the beer... It's relatively light, both on the nose and on the palate. The beer is brewed with lemon peel and grains of paradise -- the citrus and spice definitely come through. The sweet malt and touch of bitterness round out the beer overall. It's a nice soft ale. Nothing too polarizing one way or the other. This beer was clearly made to have mass appeal, still keeping the structure and nuance of a craft beer, but not going too far with flavors that could alienate Game of Thrones nerds across the country...

Bottom Line: I'm enjoying this beer. In just a few minutes I will happily be toasting the return of my friends in Westeros and those beyond the wall. However, I'm not particularly sad that I won't be able to get any more once this one is gone (it's completely sold out in DC and Northern Virginia) -- but I will be looking forward to trying next beers in the series.

 Beer Geekery:
  • BREWER: Brewery Ommegang 
  • STYLE: Blonde Ale
  • PLACE: Cooperstown, New York
  • BOOZE: 6.5%

Where did I get it?  Crystal City Wine Shop (but it's ALL gone!)
What's the damage?  Mid Priced, per 750ml bottle


  1. Wegmans still had some as of Friday....

  2. I told that to everyone who called today looking for it. I expect it might be all gone by now...


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