Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Brew Thursday: Breckenridge Vanilla Porter
Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter
Denver, Colorado

Review: Unlike yesterday, tonight isn't as hot as balls -- huzzah! In light of a cool, comfortable evening decided to pull out a beer with a bit more heft: Breckenridge's Vanilla Porter.

Chocolate and vanilla from start to finish, this beer has an amazingly strong vanilla and malt character. In fact, it's brewed vanilla beans from Paupau New Guinea and Madagascar. In addition to the flavor profile, I really like the weight of this porter -- it just sits perfectly on the palate.

Bottom Line: Great beer, perfect for a cool spring night or a cold winter day. I would pair this easily with a nice chewy steak or a burger.

Beer Geekery:
  • BREWER: Breckenridge Brewery
  • STYLE: Porter
  • PLACE: Denver, Colorado
  • BOOZE: 4.7%
  • IBU's: 16

Where did I get it?  Crystal City Wine Shop
What's the damage?  High Priced, per 6-pack

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