Monday, July 15, 2013

Modest Monday - Wines Under $10: Jaume Serra Cristalino
Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Cava
Catalonia, Spain

I saw this gem at Wegman's and was intrigued -- in large part because this wine comes with this amusing disclaimer: Jaume Serra Cristalino is not affiliated with, sponsored by, approved by, or endorsed by, or in any way connected to Louis Roederer's Cristal champagne or Louis Roederer. Well... duh.

Review: While this is clearly not Cristal, it's really pretty decent -- especially considering it only cost me $6.49! This sparkler is bit unrefined with quite large bubbles. It's a touch off dry, even though it's categorized as "brut". I did enjoy the flavors -- a touch of citrus, stone fruit, and toast. The Cristalino has a nice, fresh acidity. It's fine to drink on its own, but would also be a good choice for mimosas or bubbly based cocktails. 

Food Pairing: Serve as an aperitif!

Bottom Line:  All disclaimers aside, this bubbly isn't too shabby for $7 Cava. If I needed to bring inexpensive bubbly to a party or brunch, the Cristalino would be an easy pick.

Wine Geekery:
  • VINTAGE: Non Vintage
  • PLACE: Cava DO (Denominación de Origen)
  • GRAPES: Parellada, Macabeo, Xarel-lo
  • BOOZE: 11.5%
  • CELLAR: Drink now

Where did I get it?  Wegman's

What's the damage?   Low Price

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