Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wente Vineyards Merlot

Wente Vineyards Merlot

Last week I shared my thoughts on Delta's white wine offering from my flight out west. As promised, here's a red from my eastbound trip! As noted, coach domestic flights currently carry wines from California winemaker Wente. I had the pleasure (yes, sarcasm) of drinking their Merlot.

Review: At first blush the Wente Merlot is fairly innocuous. It's relatively smooth with pretty much no noticeable tannin. It has mildly expressive red fruits -- but after a moment it turns tough and stemmy. The fruit is overwhelmed by a vegetal under-ripeness. It has a super short finish, with no lingering fruit flavors.

Food Pairing: How about those little Biscoff cookies... 

Bottom Line:  While more interesting than the Wente Pinot Grigio, I still wouldn't recommend it. In the future I'll be sticking with gin for that extra bit of relaxation in flight. 

Wine Geekery:

Where did I get it?  Delta

What's the damage?   High Price

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