Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Brew Thursday: North Coast Grand Cru

North Coast Grand Cru

Fort Bragg, California

Wow, I haven't reviewed a beer since July! So very shameful, my apologies to you all. Hopefully this amazingly delicious beer will help make amends.

This beer has so many facets its hard to know where to start. A few high points: 1) Belgian yeasts, 2) agave nectar, 3) pilsner malt, 4) Bourbon barrel ageing. The result is a soft, slightly sweet, well balanced strong ale.

Review: From start to finish I just love this beer. It's a soft golden color in the glass, with a nice aroma of nuts and vanilla. On the palate the Grand Cru is bright with a definite Bourbon note to it, along with a little bit of sweet ripe apples. The pilsner malt still shines despite all of the complexity in this beer, leaving me with a light and fresh impression.

The texture and full body of this beer does indeed remind of a Grand Cru Champagne! I would be remiss if I didn't mention the booze. This beer has a higher alcohol content than many wines -- it will truly sneak up on you if you're not watching!

Bottom Line: Lovely. Soft. Supple. Full bodied. Yummy. I dig it.

Beer Geekery:
Where did I get it?  The Wine Country - Long Beach, CA
What's the damage?  Premium - 500ml bottle

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