Monday, January 13, 2014

Modest Monday - Wines Under $10: Jacob's Creek Shiraz

Jacob's Creek Shiraz 2010
South Eastern Australia

Happy New Year! Welcome to the return of Bottle Babble and Modest Monday. After some extravagant holiday wining and dining it's time for some belt tightening at home. This Australian Shiraz comes in at $5.99 -- certainly modest! And -- the best part -- it's not half bad!

Review: This Shiraz shows notes of black plums, anise, and toast on the nose, followed by more black fruits and an herbal hint on the palate. It definitely smells better than it tastes. I find some bitterness on the finish, and that nice toasty aroma is transformed into a tough woodiness. BUT, considering the cost, it's a decent little wine. 

The Shiraz is a part of the Jacob's Creek "Classic" line up, aka - the low end of their portfolio. Perhaps once the purse strings loosen up I can see how their Reserve and Premium wine drink. If this little bitty cheap wine is any indication, I expect the others are terrific

Food Pairing: The bright acidity of this wine means that it would go nicely with a salty plate of antipasti! 

Bottom Line:  Ripe fruit. A little bit harsh on the finish, but if you keep drinking (don't allow it to finish...) you won't notice. A good value.

Wine Geekery:

  • VINTAGE: 2010
  • PLACE: South Eastern Austrailia
  • GRAPE: Shriaz/Syrah
  • BOOZE: 13.5%
  • CELLAR: Drink now

Where did I get it?  Wegmans

What's the damage?   Low Price


  1. "...but if you keep drinking (don't allow it to finish...) you won't notice."
    So you're saying this is a good wine for chugging? I didn't think the frats chugged wine, but I could be mistaken. :->

    1. Oh, you get me, man. But perhaps more accurately, drink this as your second bottle of the night, when you don't really plan to _taste_ much at all.

      And to be fair, I would drink this over Natty Light at a frat party any day. Except that I'm 30 and ought not go to frat parties. Ever.


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