Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ommegang Take the Black

Brewery Ommegang Take the Black Stout
Cooperstown, New York

Here is the second in the Ommegang Game of Thrones series: Take the Black Stout. This Stout is for Jon Snow and the Night's Watch - hence the name "take the black". Clever, no?

This beer was released in September of 2013, but I've been holding it for 7 months, waiting on pins and needles until the new season started. It didn't seem right to drink it during the hiatus, even though it was meant to be a winter beer. Never fear, I have a stash of the newest Fire and Blood Red Ale, too, to drink and post next week.

Review:  I'm generally a big stout fan. I like the depth of flavor, the toasty cocoa and coffee flavors, the texture. When I poured out the Take the Black I got really excited -- it looks super thick and creamy with a big fluffy head. The aromas are great, lots of rich chocolate and caramel. I wasn't sure if I would like the taste, as this stout is flavored with licorice root and anise. I was pleasantly pleased that the licorice note wasn't too strong! Just a hint that works nicely with a slight bitter finish.

Bottom Line: Not for my favorite stout in all the land, but a nice beer. It will make for a great accompaniment to the premier of Season 4!

 Beer Geekery:
  • BREWER: Brewery Ommegang 
  • STYLE: Stout
  • PLACE: Cooperstown, New York
  • BOOZE: 7%

Where did I get it?  Crystal City Wine Shop 
What's the damage? Mid Priced, per 750ml bottle

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