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Château Mukhrani Tavkveri Rosé
Château Mukhrani Tavkveri Rosé 2012
Mtsheta, Republic of Georgia

Earlier this year I took the most fantastical trip to the Republic of Georgia. This region may not come to mind immediately when you think of wine, but according to Jancis, Georgia is " of the world's great and historic centres of both wild and cultivated vines." In fact, ancient methods of wine production -- fermentation in clay pots (called Qvevri) buried in the ground -- is still used throughout the region. Stay tuned for some historic wines in the coming months...

In the late 1800's Prince Ivane Mukhranbatoni was inspired by a trip to France. Upon his return he set about making wine in Georgia in the western style (stainless steel and oak) with native Georgian grapes on his family's lands. The wines were well received in the by the European market and sold in Paris, Vienna, and Warsaw. Mukhranbatoni was also a suppliers of wine to the Russian Imperial Court.

Production was halted in the early 1900's during the unrest of the fall of the Russian Empire and subsequent revolution -- and Soviet Occupation of Georgia. In 2002, a group of Georgian businessmen set about reviving the old Mukhrani castle and winery and the first modern vintage was produced in 2007.

Restoration of the castle and grounds

Review: The Tavkveri rosé is just gorgeous. It's a vivid pink color with a fragrant nose of fresh berries, red currants, and purple flowers. On the palate it is dry, brightly acidic and light bodied. Flavors of ripe red fruit -- raspberries, cherries, and currants -- is quite pronounced. Delicious.

The grape Tavkveri is dark skinned red grape native to Georgia. It is known for its florality, red berry flavors and pepper.

Food Pairing: Grilled pork kebabs!

Bottom Line: Lovely. Just lovely.

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Where did I get it? Chateau Mukhrani Tasting Room
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