Monday, August 4, 2014

Modest Monday - Wines Under $10: Rex Goliath Pinot Grigio

HRM Rex-Goliath Pinot Grigio

We've all seen the Rex Goliath wines in the grocery store. What's inside that giant 47 pound rooster? I'm going to find out (so you don't have to). Over the next few months I'm going to do my level best to review them all.

Here is Issue 1 of the Rex Chronicles: Pinot Grigio.

Review: The wine has the color of soft lemons color and the aroma of lemons and chamomile. On the palate the wine is surprisingly off dry (I expected it to be sweeter), with a moderate level of acidity. I found notes of more lemons initially, with some peaches and herbal menthol thrown in. Unfortunately, the wine then turns bitter -- as if chamomile tea steeped too long... 

Bottom Line: Not something I would choose to drink. But for only $5... well, no. I still don't want to drink it. But perhaps if it were chilled ice cold (Miller Light style) it might could be okay in case of a wine emergency.  

Wine Geekery:
  • VINTAGE: Non Vintage
  • PLACE: Australia
  • GRAPE: Pinot Grigio
  • BOOZE: 12.5%
  • CELLAR: Drink now

Where did I get it? Giant
What's the damage? Low Price

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