Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lancers Rosé
Lancers Rosé
Azeitão, Portugal

Last week I tried Mateus for the first time, and today it's time for Lancer's! From the same days as the Mateuas, the Lancer's originated in the 1940's. I'm not exactly sure what grapes go into it -- the tech sheet simply says "A variety of the best Portuguese grapes." I got a chuckle out of that, but for $7.99 I can understand a lack of specificity (as the grapes may change based on price and availability).

This is an interesting wine. It goes through a secondary fermentation giving it a bit of effervescence, and then dosage to achieve the appropriate level of sweetness.

Review: This rosé is bright pink with a touch of pin-prick sized bubbles. The nose shows simple notes of confected cherries. The palate is a touch sweet with a moderate level of acidity. The cherry note continues, very simply and straightforward.

For me, this is heads and shoulders above the Mateus. It's a bit less sweet, as well as less bitter. Very easy and fresh, with a short finish.

Food Pairing: Friends on the patio.

Bottom Line: A good substitute for water on a hot day. 

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