Saturday, February 25, 2017

McPhearson Cellars Roussanne

McPhearson Cellars Roussanne 2014

Huzzah! Bottle Babble is back from a winter hiatus! No, it wasn't a "dry January" or some such silliness, just a few months of craziness...

Well, today I'm thrilled to be back with a real treat. This is the second wine from McPhearson that I've reviewed. Last night we were having a nice chicken soup, and I was scouring my collection to find something interesting. So here we are with a beautiful Roussanne -- yes, the Rhone Valley grape -- from the great state of Texas!

Review: This wine is a lovely golden hue, with aromas of ripe pear, apple blossom, and lemon candy. The wine is dry, with moderate acidity, balanced alcohol, and a round, waxy texture. The flavors of pear and apple from the nose resonate on the palate, along with rich lemon meringue and a hint of lanolin. 

Food Pairing: Paired perfectly with our smoked chicken and matzoh ball soup!

Bottom Line: If I didn't know this was Texas High Plains fruit, I would think this came straight from the Rhone. Outstanding balance and concentration. And a great value at only $15!

Wine Geekery:
Where did I get it? Central Market -  Austin, Texas
What's the damage? Mid Priced